Selling Process

1. Finances

Initially you’d want to speak to your mortgage lender and inform them of plans to sell your property. They will give your redemption balance on the property, and this will be useful to know when figuring out future prospects if you’re looking to buy or rent going forward.

2. Buying and selling together?

If you are buying and selling at the same time, you could end up in a chain which in certain circumstances, could cause a delay. The alternative is to rent for a period but there are pros and cons associated with this route.

3. Prepare the property:

a. De-clutter and de-personalise – buyers will need to visualise themselves in your property b. Carrying out some TLC – Minor renovations such as a fresh paint coat or re-grouting will make the house livelier. Be wary of carrying out major works in individual rooms, and not others - the contrast will be apparent. c. Deep clean – a professional company hired to carry out a deep clean will make a huge difference to the prospective purchasers and will improve their experience, delivering you with a higher value

4. Check building work

See if previous building work has been carried out and whether appropriate permission has been gained, related to any necessary planning permissions from the local council or works carried out according to building regulations. If works have been carried out with necessary consent, see if there is cover for this, such as building regulations indemnity insurance

5. Find the true value of your property

You are able to use our instant valuation tool displayed on our website or draw on the expertise of our trusted valuers. A great estate agent will dig deep for the details of your property and ensure to use comparable evidence to propose a valuation.

Here at EasyHomes, we have a large database compiled of hot buyers, which gives us a greater potential to maximise the end value for your property. A long-established track record within South Manchester and almost 50+ years of combined experience within our offices, brings with it a greater certainty to deliver the maximum value for your home Get in touch now at 0161 442 0606 or to speak to one of our trusted sales valuers

6. Set a realistic price

Setting a realistic price will give appeal for buyers and allows your property to stand out. A lot will depend on how quickly you need to move. Selling fast may be a priority if you’re selling and buying at the same time. Check out our ‘Sell Fast for Cash’ service if this is the case!

7. Market the property:

It is vital for high quality pictures to showcase its best features. The description should also be engaging and the property should be clean / tidy for all viewings. At EasyHomes, we will ensure to follow up with buyers and provide them with all information promptly, to ensure we capture the largest target market for your property.

8. Accept an offer

Consideration will have to go into the type of buyer, whether it be an investor, a first-time buyer, cash buyer etc. These different types will affect the timelines / prices willing to pay, and we at EasyHomes are here to guide you on which is the most suitable giving your individual circumstances.

9. Instruct a solicitor

Once you have accepted an offer, you will need to appoint a solicitor to handle all the legal work Also known as ‘conveyancing’, this process involves a solicitor drawing up a legal contract to transfer ownership from one person to another Once appointed, you will need to complete paperwork about the property and about the sale, including the sale price, property boundaries, fixtures and fittings, planning restrictions, services and when the sale will complete. Expect to pay between £500 and £1500 for conveyancing

10. Keep things moving

Once you’ve got to this stage, momentum is key to push the sale through to exchange and completion. EasyHomes will keep in regular phone or email contact with all necessary parties. The quicker things progress, the less change there is for any party to change their mind and pull out

11. Exchange documents

In England and Wales, exchange is the last stage of the legal process. It happens once both sides are happy with the contract and sign final copies and send them to each other. After this point, you’re legally committed to selling and buyer is legally committed to buying. Neither side can pull out without paying compensation At exchange, a date for completion will be set. Usually 2-3 weeks after completion – giving you time to arrange removals, etc.

12. Complete

Completion is when the property changes ownership. Money is transferred to the seller from the buyer, and the legal documents needed to transfer ownership are then handed to the buyer At this stage, your property has to be in state agreed in the contract – including the fixtures and fittings All is left now is to hand your keys to the buyer.

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